The chinese beleive that your thumbs represent your parents,
your index represents your siblings,
your middle finger represents yourself,
your fourth finger or ”ring finger” represents your life partner, your soul mate, your spouse, your w/e, and
your pinkies represent your children.

Now, put your hands together with the tips of all your fingers touching but bending your middle fingers inward so that the flat middle bones of them are touching. It is kind of hard to explain but you must make it so that you your middle bone part of your middle fingers are touching one another. If you have that done, make sure that all of your other finger tips are touching.

Once you have accomplished that, make sure that after each seperation that you have rejoined the fingers once again,
seperate your thumbs, they seperate because your parents are not always going to be there and you will leave them.
Now seperate your index fingers, this represents that your siblings will move away from you.
Seperating your pinky fingers represents that your children will eventually grow up and move away from you to go out into the world on their own.
Now, makeing sure that after each seperation that you have rejoined your fingertips together, try to seperate your fouurth ”ring finger”. Unless you are double jointed or something, you should find it very difficult, maybe painful to seperate or maybe even impossible yourfourth finger.

The chinese beleive that the reason for this is that your soul mate, spouse, significant other, is not meant to seperate from you, and that is why you have the ring that is given to you from your significant other as a symbol for your bond and love on your fourth finger.